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    I see quite a few people didn't like this manga. I happen to like it. It wasn't anything special. But it was a good read. The story line was ok and it flowed nicely. I would recommend it.
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    i liked it, it was pretty cute, very well..refreshing and new to me since i am always reading the typical shoujo romances. i like the whole family storyline and that the love in it was not spontaneous ans quick and that the children mattered and had to get use to each other, the only thing that annoyed me was the women that kept trying so hard just to try to get the guy, like if he likes someone else just stop trying so hard. i also found it weird that midway in the manga there was a 360 in opinion to natchi's looks, in the beginning it was about how pretty and hot she looked and then midway people started saying she had no sex appeal, am i the only one who found that random?

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    Really nice manga, worth reading. It's funny, long, and full of wisdom.

    And yes, I also noticed Natchi's sex appeal went down randomly. :/ I guess either the guys gave up or the author felt no need to show off her appeal too much.

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    All I can say is that this manga was one of the firsts that I read, so It has a special meaning to me, really nice story and I just posting it now, because I feel like reading it again.

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    I'm a guy and don't usually read shoujo themed mangas but, it intrigued me when I read the synopsis of this series. I'll admit, it was very heart warming and I believe this title deserves an animation.

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    Certainly much better than the authors other work YUME DE AETARA - real train wreck.

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    Used to love this manga but now that i've read it again after a few years, it seems so unrealistic... seriously, fixing every single problem with kindness and what not, this crop doesn't fly in the real world at all, and what's with shou being a girl magnet or something, it just seems to be filled with over used cliches, im not that against cliches but come on, doubt guy > ends up saving girl | evil stepmother | evil step aunts or something | beautiful women fighting for the guy (who looks like a square apparently), all in all was a great read if you're new to mangas but a terrible one if you've read a bit.


    Seriously, i bet this was either written by a guy (and idiotic one at that) or a pre-teen girl... art's good tho.
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    Arrow My review

    I really really really like this manga. It never fails to give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

    I really like the general premises of the series, giving a interesting opening and the progress never felt rushed.
    I admit some arcs were treading into filler territory, but each of them has explained itself well and resolutions were found and a loving and embracing manner. While detractors (as per posts above) may dislike the lack of 'realism', I can forgive that as this isn't meant to be a heart-wrenching story. (If you want a story where a family is in such a state, I personally question your upbringing...)

    The Ninomayas & Okajima are unique, well-balanced and believable. Best of all however, is the character development over the course of the series. Though in the first ~10 chapters or so vs. the ~10 mid chapters, we can see a big differentiation between their relationships, but having learned from their trials & tribulations have managed to become better people while becoming ever closer as a true family. The pacing for character development personally is spot-on; not rushed or dragged. Best of all, it keeps the every character interesting and allots everyone a moment to shine.
    I feel however the author/mangaka was a bit soft on some of the 'villain' characters. I've noted the almost-murders Yano in-laws, a hit & run train Otaku (against a 8(?) year old??), the manipulating president's daughter...etc. All of them have crossed a dangerous boundary at some point, but never really fast retribution (both from law and god), but are just pushed off the screen as the arc finishes.

    I later read the mangaka is a Japanese-Christan, which probably explains the above. However, I feel that the role of Natsumi's mother could have had more standing; it was like she was just there to preach some Biblical thoughts from the mangaka to the reader. I'm not offended, but I just find it annoying. This may not be such a simple case for those who are deeply religious.

    Some of the scenarios could use a little touch-up (e.g. Chapter 56) to make it little more believable, and I feel that some parts can be taken out as unnecessary, but all-in-all this series is so well packaged it deserves a broader spectrum of people to read or watch it.

    The art was not shabby by any margin; I actually like this shoujo-esque style the mangaka chose to use to portray this series, as it fits well with the warm & loving mood very much. I do wish that the character design were more uniform however; note most the the 'ugly' characters (e.g. the in-laws) are often malicious while 'beautiful' characters (e.g. Natsumi...*blush*) are often kind & forgiving.

    While it has its flaws, I definitely hope this gets an animation one day, or better yet (with such a family oriented premises), adapted as a live-action drama.
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