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Thread: Create Your Own One Piece Character

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    Default Create Your Own One Piece Character

    I've searched if there are any other threads like this and I didn't find,so if there are one ignore this one.

    Anyway,the title says it all you will create your own One Piece Character that you will want to be like.Well here is mine:

    Name: Sami(took my real name)

    Age: 24

    Bounty: 92,000,000

    Powers: Rokushiki master,Super-human Speed,Super-Human Strength,Kenbunshoku Haki,Busoshoku Haki

    Devil Fruit: Werewolf Werewolf Fruit(Zoan)

    Occupation: Shichibukai(former) Pirate Captain

    Personality: I should be a man who trains every day and night,talk much and laugh much too.I would be a monster in eating and like cool things,but in a fight i'm 100% serious and I protect my nakama.He hates the World Goverment since they killed his whole family.


    Special Attack:All attacks are good.

    Accessories:All kind of Dials,Log Post

    You can create own ''categories'' and use them,and you can also create your own Devil Fruits,having a weapon with Dials and all things you want.
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    Name: Sathya

    Age: Unknown

    Bounty: (determined by WG)

    Powers: Master all 3 Haki

    Devil Fruit: None (but collecting DF for possible future uses)

    Occupation: Pirate

    Personality: Assist locals in disputes with WG that are not fair and against local bandits. Interested in Poneglyphs. Friends with assorted pirate crews and pirates. Train diligently and keep skills polished... always moving to that next level.

    Weapon: Sword (more for looks than actual use, but does know how to wield it very well)

    Accessories: A few dials, Eternal Log/Lock Post, Vivre Card

    Additional Skills: Various Martial Arts taught in the OP world

    Special Attack: Unrevealed

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    Name: Illu Luna (Male)

    Personality: Very easily distracted, and speaks primarily to his weapon when speaking, indirectly addressing other people. For example, "Tana... Buggy-san over there is rather weak, no? Should we let him know?"

    Power: Whisper Whisper Fruit? Bad with names.

    Description: Allows the eater to speak with any weapon they have on them. Effective while sleeping. That weapon can become a port to their own power with a contract, taking on the strength of the wielder. At high levels of 'contract strength', the weapon can take on powers of all of those who have wielded it in the past, and transport that power to the current wielder.

    Primary fighting style: He fights with a series of strong kicks.

    Upon growth, these kicks can cancel out defensive haki usage in the area they strike. He's not a very good weapon wielder, initially.

    Power 2, upon growth: Rokushiki, but only masterful of Soru, to increase his speed. (It IS the most fundamental form of Rokushiki...)

    Power 3, upon growth: Able to control two forms of haki in his arms. This is primarily used for dealing big amounts of damage with little accuracy, as his arms are largely unused in ordinary combat.

    Rank: Bounty Hunter. Later becomes Wanted, for destroying several small countries through his operations of trying to capture certain bounties. Switches to hunting marines and other pirates for pirates and revolutionaries, but remains a bounty hunter in name.

    Bounty: Ranges from nothing at the start to 100,000,000. But that's because the WG doesn't want anyone to know exactly what he's capable of.

    Special Attack: Secret, but used once to destroy a country when they became aware of his bounty and tried to hunt him.

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    Default Midnight Lily

    gender : female
    age : 18

    appearance : slender, white skin, red sharp eyes, white-grey hair, looks younger than she is.

    history : she is the result of an old experiment carried out by the world government : creating humans-animals hybrides. In her case : human-bat. But considered as a complete failure she was given away and ended up as a slave of the tenryuubito at 8. Eventually, escaped not too long after, thanks to fisher tiger.
    Lost for few weeks on the sea she was fortunately rescued and taken to an island where she's been taken care of by a couple. WIth them, she learns how to fight and protect herself.

    personality : smart and lucid, not outgoing, do not like crowds because people find her scary, trains and plays alone in the woods or with or foster parents. Loves the night.

    Power : she can grow bat-like wings on her back, five senses of an animal, haki user, beautiful and powerful fighting style for that her moves look like dance steps. Speed is her best quality. Hasn't discovered all the extent of her powers.

    I imagined her to be become of the strawhats nakama thanks to a fortunate encounter but lol
    Too bad she doesn't even exist haha

    I think made her too shoujo-like -_-, mh.....
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    Default Clain

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    Occupation: Pirate

    Power: Ate the Quick quick Berry (Not sure if really made this up)

    Power2: Has enchanced sight and can see farther away then most.

    Bounty: 50,000,000 berries since she took down tons of the most cruel pirates with one shot to the head.

    Fear: Flames.

    History: Born and raised in Foosha Village until age 11. Was childhood friends with Luffy, and they always argued on who was the better pirate. Lived a happy life, until her family perished in a fire right before her eyes. Because of this the villages tried to force her into a foster family, but she didn't like it and ran away. Luffy heared about this and found her in the forest. As he approached her she quickly pulled out her gun and pointed it to his head and said "Luffy, I'm leaveing this town to train and acheive my dream. So let this be the moment our friendship ends, and our new rivalry starts. The next time we meet, let's fight to the death, and see who really deserves to be the King/Queen of the pirates." she smiled. "Sure." Luffy said with a wide smile. "If only you truly understood what that meant, Luffy." Clain mumbled with a slight frown. She quickly withdrew her gun and ran off, never to be seen again.

    Weapon: Two pistols with tiny missles on either side of the opening.

    Appearance: Shoulder lengthed light purple hair, red short sleeved shirt with a logo of a pirate skull with treasure as it's eyes, short light blue shorts, with dark pink boots, emeraled eyes, and the yarn braclet Luffy made for her when they were kids.

    Personality: Outgoing and not afraid to say anything to anyone. Always willing to help a person in need, but will do anything for money. Loves Food and fish, but hates cowardly men who call themselves pirates.

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    series of strong kicks.....and doesn't use his hands while fighting....don't you think you used a little of Sanji in there? xD

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    Robert D. J .jpg

    Name: Robert D. Winter
    Age: 18
    Devil Fruit: Shindō Shindō No Mi (Vibration Fruit) Shindō = Vibration
    Status: Pirate
    Crew: No-one Yet.
    Weapons: Fists / Knife -/-\- Sword
    Fighting style: Soru, Rokuogan, Kenbunshoku Haki, Haoshoku Haki, And His Personal Kyōretsuna sutoraiku.
    Outfit: Picture
    Personality: Friendly, adaptable, action-oriented, Enthusiastic, idealistic, and creative. While Excited by new ideas, but bored with details, He Was always Impatient with long explanations. He is Open-minded and flexible, with a broad range of interests and abilities, And Loves to live life in accordance with his inner values.

    Living here-and-now, He’s a risk-taker who lives a fast-paced lifestyle, And is able to do almost anything that interests him. And is Extremely loyal to peers, but not usually respectful of laws and rules if they get in the way of getting things done.

    But When Truly Angered, His Power Is Unrivaled. He Was Able to Destroy Almost All of a Buster Call, Admirals And All, Despite The Great Injuries Sustained! And Thus Earning His Bounty of 6,784,053 ƒ.
    Fruit Power: Robert can generate powerful shockwaves. concentrates to emit harsh vibrations through his hands, even clapping or stomping to do so. He Can cause objects/people to be pushed over, repulsed back, shatter fragile objects, and even deliver a clout to induce asphyxia.

    Robert can even cause earthquakes. He unleashes a seismic wave from his body to dislodge underground tectonic plates, thus causing earthquakes.
    Skills: Fire a shock wave repelling objects away. Blast shock waves that could disintegrate matter. Cause earthquakes.

    Limited flight by self-propulsion with a shock wave. Sonic Stomp/Clap: Release a devastating shock wave by clapping one's hands or by slamming the ground.

    Move at sonic speed by directing vibrations inward. Emulate super strength by use of manipulating vibrations upon impact of an object.

    Infuse blades with vibration to increase cutting edge. Vibrate fast enough to Travel through soil, displacing minerals using sonic emissions.
    Bio: Winter Was A Strange Kid, Strange Because No Matter What, He Was Always In A Good Mood. Nothing Could Bring Him Down. Despite Being An Orphan With No Money, Barely Any Clothes, And Even Less Food, He Always Saw The Best of Every Situation. His Life Was A ‘Weird’ one. He Cheered Up Anyone Down, He Kept All Promises, He Did What He Was Told To Do, And He Put Others Before Himself.

    And After A While, People Started To Depend on Him to do What They Wanted. And if The Pirates Didn’t Come When They Did, Winter Would’ve Had A Miserable Life. Winter Decided Enough Was Enough, And Stow-away on The Pirate Ship. The Pirates, Who Were Nothing Like Pirates, Found Him And Decided to Keep Him With Them. And The Evening-Spring Pirates Taught Him How to Fight, Steal, Swim. A Few Minor Medical Practices, How To Survive In The Wild, And How To Play An Instrument.

    And After A Few ‘Adventures’ In The GRAND LINE, Winter Found The Shindō Fruit. He Didn’t Know About Devil Fruits At The Time, And Eat It Without Knowing. During The Rough Night At Sea, He Went Overboard, Without Anyone Knowing. Surprised He Couldn't Swim, He Almost Drowned. Now, During The Next Day, He Finds Himself At An Unknown Island.

    When Winter Woke Up He Was Amazed That He Is Still Alive. Immediately He Was Laughing Because He Thought He Was About To Die. After A Few Hours, Winter Made A ‘ Base Camp ’. When He Went To Get A Coconut, It Burst In His Hands! Amazed, He Did It Again, And The Result Was The Same! Starteld By His New Found Powers, Winter Remembered The Term ‘ Devil Fruit ’, He Was Completely Dumbfounded That He Ate A Devil Fruit. A Devil Fruit! Him! He Could Hardly Believe It.

    And Now, After 3 Years, He Honed His Ability, And He Called It Shindō, During His Training, He Learned Many Skills, And Made A Personal Style That Utilizes Shindō. Winter Then Builds A Raft And Lets The Ocean Take Him To His Destiny. He Now Finds Himself Outside A Port-Town. Winter Decides To Enter The Town, To Find A Way To Get A Crew And Start An Adventure of A Lifetime!
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    Name: Monkey D. Cyrus

    Age: 25

    Occupation: Revolutionary Army Commander

    Bounty: Unknown

    DF Ability: Dragon Dragon Fruit(Mythical Zoan)

    Fighting Techniques: Master of all three Hakis and Master of Roushiki.

    History: His father is Monkey D. Dragon and is Luffy's older brother. He grew up without knowing who his father was just like Luffy, but his village was destroyed by a corrupt monarchy and was saved by the RA. There he meet Dragon and found out that he was Dragon's son. Dragon took on the responsibility to train Cyrus and made him a warrior of the RA.

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    Name: Kondou Jerry

    Age: 28 yrs

    Occupation: Pirate (fisherman for his crew)

    Devil Fruit: Purazuma Purazuma No Mi (Plasma Plasma Fruit; Logia)

    Description: His Plasma Plasma Fruit allows him to turn into the substance of plasma. When touched, Jerry's plasma can "burn" through anything, even Akainu's magma, but it cannot be doused by other elements like water because of the ionization in plasma. However, because plasma also doesn't have a fixed form from its properties of gas, it needs to be under the influence of magnetic fields to form shapes and beams. Jerry often uses his Devil Fruit powers to make a "cold" net (from ionization) to capture his prey or opponents.

    Weapons: 1) long, white spear with three heads that resembles something like a trident and is immuned with magnets and 2) spare rope that is solely used for rigging but uses it to wrangle big catches

    Bounty: 110,000,000

    Appearance: Lean yet muscular, black hair kinda like Marco's, gray eyes and has a crooked smile. Normally, Jerry doesn't wear a shirt but wears a net as a poncho when fishing, a silver sash arrayed with his rope to keep his white knee-long pants up, and black boots. Jerry wears forearm sleeves/gloves with pieces of magnets embedded in it. He also has several scars on his back and chest.

    Personality: A patient and calm, somewhat-of-a-gentleman guy, Jerry is known to be a reasonable person among people. He deeply cares and is loyal to his crew mates, sometimes making sarcastic jokes and pranks on them. However, if someone messes with his friends or even his catches, Jerry will resort to violence and murder and quickly becomes serious (which is how he got his bounty because some hungry marines and a vice admiral attacked his ship).

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    Call me Reborn

    Name: Kenshin Dax

    occupation: Pirate captain of his own crew, called: The Double Pirates

    Devil Fruit: The Clone Clone Fruit

    Description: Kenshin is 18 and uses different types of martial arts because he knows without some kinda attacks his clones are useless. Kenshin has white hair and blue eyes. He never remembers where he grew up, but he knows he had fun. After a nice long fight he has his chef cook him some steak (favorite dish) then goes to sleep. Some call him lazy, but if you call him stupid run for the hills.

    Bounty: Not sure, but the last time he checked it was 10,000,000.

    Weapons: Dagger

    Crew: Nav: Cyrus
    1st mate: Lyone

    Personality: Lazy and funny. Only dimwitted when he wants to be, but is originally a smart guy. HATES to be called dumb, but when he has to controls his anger. He protects those he care about at all cost. He hates people that give up, or are like Coby.

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