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Thread: Masaki Interview Special

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    Default Masaki Interview Special

    Masashi Kishimoto Interview. I got it frm some other site .....and I also have a video which I got frm Youtube .......but I don't know it is true or not

    Note: For now I skip the part kish talks about the movie, as how he likes Michael J. Fox and Back to the Future, as how his family is important to him, as how he gave troubles to the anime crew as how my avatar (well no, the original of it) impressed himself and blah blah blah. And I tried to make the trans as true to Kishi's words as possible that sry if its too messy. if ud rather see the lines paraphrased, tell me.

    -from the mark 16:38, kishi on the future of the manga

    Q: How will the manga develop from now?

    Kishi: About the future development of the manga, yes?… Hereafter the Great Shinobi War will reach its final phase and yet more astonishing characters will appear, like this character after that character. It'll gain momentum, I think.
    ...Damn it, I don't care anymore, I'm gonna tell too many things (=spoilers), ok?
    Yes, a faceoff between Naruto and Sasuke is waiting as well.
    First of all 'beep!' come(/comes) back and because 'beep!',
    'beep!' resurge(/s) from 'beep!'. And then the bijus gather together and 'beep' to 'beep(/win)!'.
    This way there are many dramas(=dramatic events) planned for (/toward) the end and as 'beep' of 'beep' are going to fall like 'beep', your eyes will be glued (to the manga), I reckon.

    Towards the end both the manga and the anime will get exciting, and as I'm writing the manga (the original), I'll make it exciting even if it costs me my life. I guarantee it will be thrilling, so please, get thrilled with it. Please, wait for that, I wont let u down. I'll try my best. Whatever comes I will do my best.
    …I don't have any more to say…(laughter from the crew)
    Did I say I'll do my best!? (laughter)

    -masashi kishimoto×twitter Qs and As
    kishs answers to fans tweets

    a fan via twitter: what is Naruto for kishimoto-sensei?
    K: by Naruto you mean the title or the character? if the character, a hero perhaps…yes hes the hero.

    F: whats your drive that keeps you writing Naruto?
    K: well, that must be you fans hot supports.

    F: what ninjutsu do you want to use?
    K: as ive said many a time, the jutsu useful for me is kagebunshin. if you ask me why, by using kagebunshin to make 17 clones of me and giving a page to each clone, Id finish a chap in no time.
    so id like to use kagebunshin.

    F: which chara is closest to you(/your character)?
    K: the closest is… maybe Kiba or Naruto…they do things before thinking…for that I think im close to them.

    F: in the naruto charas, who would u like to make best friends with, if u could?
    K: m.. Actually I dont particularly want to be a close friend of any of them….but maybe Lee. yes its Lee. Rock Lee would be nice. He seems truthful.

    F: if u were to go out with one of your female charas whod you like?
    Kish: its kinda creepy to think about going out with a chara i created myself but...if forced, well, id say...Hinata, perhaps.

    F: which chara is difficult to draw?
    K: Sasuke comes first. sasuke is really (a toughie)…. for I designed him to expose his knees. I did the design beforehand but i found it difficult to keep drawing the knees …
    cos I always felt awkward to draw his knees, I decided to hide them later on.
    so are the most of those who came in during the chunin exam…like neji, hes quite tough to draw. I dont know why I had to design him like that myself but neji had those stupid 3 belts, bands or whatever u may call them around the chest and I was always wondering what the hell they were supposed to be while drawing him. when I started the part 2 thankfully I managed to change it, and I was quite happy with the design of the part 2 neji untill people started to say he wore long underpants and stuff. these days Im unhappy about it again. I want to change it(nejis clothing) again to be honest.

    F: You share same birthday with Sasori, dont you? Is Sasori a special chara for you?
    Kish: mmm do i? Sarori? the same birthday as his?is it so? …well…oh yes…in a mook book(=a term for publications cross between magazine and book) maybe? we forcefully decided the birthday when we made the mook book. oh yes yes I remember it now. sasori is…because sasori(the name) means scorpion and im a scorpion we should share the same birthday or something like that… thats about the size of it, really.

    F: because i love kishimoto-sensai Im calling you "Kishie" or "Lord kishi-kage" but what would you like to be called as?
    Kish: what id like to be called? call me as you like. I accept whatever.

    F: If Naruto ever has a son what name will you give him?
    Kish: If Naruto has a son what name hell have……I used to think menma would be fine. people often jokingly asked me "wont you start Menma when you finish Naruto?" "you should write about narutos son, Naruto the 2nd" or "why not write menma?" but now I used the name for the movie, that...ummmm…(the name of narutos son will be) Shinachiku* I guess.
    *(shinachiku is another name for menma, seasoned bamboo shoots)

    F: did itachi have someone special?
    K: if Itachi had a gf? Yes, I believe he did. cos he must have been quite popular among girls, I think he had.

    F: you said as the authors comments in the vol 60 that you develop your ideas in the bathroom. how long do you spend in the bath?
    K: let me see…when a shower it takes about 30mins or so and when Im soaked in a hot tub, about one hour and half.
    I bring some bottled water or tea with me. when my blood circulation is good, ideas are easy to pop into my head that I work on ideas in the bath.

    F: how do your children call you?
    K: Otoh-san (father). they call me Oto-san. Occasionally they call me 'the person who writes Naruto'

    F: what do you want the most right now?
    K: smiles from everyone that sees Narutos movie and/or the manga.

    F: what kind of manga do you think ull be writing when you are an old man?
    K: when im an old man let me retire please….but if I am still being whipped by editors to write manga, I d say ill write about love in an elderly home or something…I do like to write about love.

    F: would you like to make another film?
    Kish: i love to make films. yes I would. this time making a film, participating in it I found it fun and learnt a lot. so id love to do it again.

    Question: The legendary shinobi is now immortal! Does Uchiha Madara have any weak point?
    Kishi: All strong people have some kind of weak point, but Madara does not. How will the fight from here on out go!? Please stay excited and wait to find out!!

    4th’s secret and bloodline will be shown.

    2 huge characters of Konoha will die.

    There will be death on Tobi v. Naruto team and one of them becomes unable to fight.

    Jinchuuriki of the 8 tailed will be revealed. This Jinchuuriki kills one of the Akatsuki’s members and invades Konoha by him/herself. During this fight one dies, and one will lose his/her eyesight (this statement is controversial for me. We all know that Bee is this jinchuuriki, but what makes him invade Konoha? Hasn't Konoha had enough of these invasions?
    Soo.. What do you guys Think?!?!?!

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    i think this was made before hokages resurrection, otherwise, bringing someone special would mean so6p, which i totally dont want to see happen

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    Madara has no weak points, Minato's secret and bloodline will be revealed ? what ? he's gonan have a character development now of all times ? 2 huge characters of Konoha will die. Why did Kakashi and Gai pop up into my head, tough I wish it was Sakura. there will be death between Tobi vs Naruto team and one becomes unable to continue, jinchuuriki of the 8 tails ? what do you mean by that ?
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    I think it was made before the pain invasion arc because the final sentence is about the discovery of bee, the defeat of kisame and the invasion of Pain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muryai View Post
    Madara has no weak points, Minato's secret and bloodline will be revealed ? what ? he's gonan have a character development now of all times ? 2 huge characters of Konoha will die. Why did Kakashi and Gai pop up into my head, tough I wish it was Sakura. there will be death between Tobi vs Naruto team and one becomes unable to continue, jinchuuriki of the 8 tails ? what do you mean by that ?
    well neji died already, shikuaku died, inos father died, that's 3 konoha shinobis already

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    whatever happens kishi don't kill kakashi again..he is needed in the series particularly naruto's reign as hokage..also i believe kishi was able to come up with the idea of the new looks of hinata in naruto shippuden when he was in the bathroom..

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    ok so from the start to the question if kishi wants to do another film is all real. The interview comes from the bonus motion comic dvd that the first 1.5mill people got when they went to watch road to ninja in Japanese theaters.

    The question about Madara is also real and comes from Shonen jump 35.

    I've never seen the remaining statements in any of kishi's interviews so I'm gonna say they are fake. Especially the jinchuuriki one. That one makes no sense as we already seen what Bee is up too.

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    2 huge characters of Konoha will die
    well, that would be Tsunade and Neji.

    There will be death on Tobi v. Naruto team and one of them becomes unable to fight.
    That's obvious, since we are dealing about war in here. In every war, there are always casualties and victims and always in both sides.

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    Seems fake for the simple fact that it is not kishis style of talking. Who will be revived that can possibly be any relevance to this story? The only person that can save them at this point is SO6P, and if he comes in there is going to be no Madara vs ....... Or Obito Vs.......because he would wreck them as well. Only room for one new character and that's the person w no saved Madara. "I want to change Neji's clothes" dude, Neji is dead "4th blood line limit" oh please, such nonsense. "They call me the person who writes Naruto" dude that show you know this is fake. Good effort though, you could have copied and paste it though to save the trouble.

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    Yea no offense but I don't think it's real either. It's too revealing

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