SPOILERS!!!! *Hijikata and Chizuru ~ News Flash*

  1. Kikotsukino
    Source: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com.au/n...series-2-films

    A new season of Hakuouki is going to be shown this summer [Japan,Tokyo]. It's based off the game that is the prequel to the series. It tells the start of the Shinsengumi and it ends after the original series. The main character is not Hijikata but Ibuki, according to screentshots Chizuru does appear from time to time so Hijikata and the other Shinsengumi menbers will for sure be in it. It tells how they formed the Shinsengumi, so it starts off before Chizuru arrives and it stops after the original Hakuouki is what the rumors say. If the anime follows with the 'game ending' (which goes a little after the Hijikata route ~ than we will see Hijikata is still alive xD.

    to be cont..
  2. Kikotsukino
    Here is the 'game ending' in youtube ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hbhx...eature=related. According to commenter by "HotaruxChan" ~ It was said about Chizuru being pregnant. Even though its not really translated, it certainly does looks like Hijikata and Chizuru are married in it.

    Well either way, I am so happy!! just the idea that Hijikata didnt die makes me happy!! Well either way, Im happy as long as 'in the story' Hijikata survive in the end. Although this is the prequel game ending ~ It would be nice if Season 3 end like this ^^
  3. steffyraal
    He is alive because I say so - I refuse to believe he's dead. Is a shame for such a handsome man to be dead, so he's alive somewhere with the love of his life and they raise their many children.

    If he's dead then lie to me and say he's fine
  4. Kikotsukino
    No No Steff ^^ He IS alive. This is official. I dont think Hijikata die to. The game is actually the 'prequel' to which will 'end' a little after the Hijikata route and (after season 2). The anime season 3, is adapted from the game ^^ so 'officially' Hijikata is alive

    I believe he WAS alive (before all this anyway) because 1) the final battle when he fought against Kazuma, he defeated him, Kazuma acknowledged him as one of them 'aka an oni' so basically he bacame an oni (and that's where the name Hakuoki comes from And another evident is Hijikata was just sleeping peacefully, he didnt turn to crystals like the others - so he's alive xD ~ Ending to Season 2 was pretty ambiguos, but now its official. Im soo happy

    Hijikata!!! and I am with you!! << I simply refuse that an awesome/handsome man like him will die in the end. How cruel can the world be if he die ??? but he didnt so i am happy!
  5. Phantom Prince
    Phantom Prince
    I was so excited when I read that a couple of days ago and still am!

    Hijikata definitely isn't dead! In the game's good ending he's alive and well, and I doubt he is dead in the anime. Look at Kiko's post for excellent points.

    Yes, Hijikata, Saito, Okita, Harada, Heisuka, Shinpachi, Sanan, Yamazaki, Gen, Kondou will all be in this prequel and very prominent. Also Kazama will be in it as well! Along with some new characters of course. They are all in the game, and like with Chizuru's game, the ones with routes, have their own routes as well in this one. Except instead of romance it's friendship. So whoever Ibuki becomes friends with the most is the route the game goes down. And also who Chizuru will be with. I read there is a new girl, Kosuzu, and she is the only one with a love route with Ibuki naturally.
  6. xxDemonHachixx
    So good we have group of hijitaka x chizuru ... I really like this anime and thanks Kiko for inviting...hope we will get more members... I have few fav. Amvs, I will check later..

    Thank you Kiko for info of new season but how sad hijitaka is not main chara (in 1st season he wasn't focused too).. He reminds me Kaname, who takes action than speak himself... After finished watching second season, I looked on website (my language) wanted to ask someone... There was a thread talking about the game and anime.. So I didn't play the game but I believed that he wasn't dead, just wanted to be sure... I was glad to know that..

    P.s. @ Kiko I am more happy now chizuru is pregnant ... What a surprise!! Good ending! It makes me want to play the game.. I haven't played dating game.. Need to check space of my computer T_T .. I don't think I can, I download many animes lately and busy watching them...
  7. Kikotsukino
    Thanks Hachiko ^^ for joining our group. And no worries, im glad to share this wonderful news ^^ I wouldnt have know if Phantom Prince didnt tell me this first hand I wish i can play the dating game to, i never play one before, but too bad its in Japanese .__. Im not good with reading Jap *sigh*. And yes, its a wonderful ending for Hijikata and Chizuru, Im just happy that he's alive and well/and happy
  8. Phantom Prince
    Phantom Prince
    Well, some info I had put up was wrong, as I have found out. Where I had found it was wrong, but did make sense.

    Anyways, the prequel there are 6 routes: Hijikata, Okita, Saito, Harada, Heisuke, and the former leader of the Sinsengumi before Kondo (can't remember his name). Only Harada's has Ibuki paired off with Kosuzu, and the former leader's has Chizuru with Kazama. Like in the the 1st & 2nd season will probably be a mash of the different routes with Chizuru with Hijikata.

    They have translated one of the Hakuouki games in English for the PSP. I am playing it now, and it's real good.
  9. Dbrpth
    Hello, I am new to the fandom. I just happen to come across this anime and I am totally in love with it. I am watching it through for a second time. lol I love Hijikata and Chizuru. I want to play the games. Can someone recommend one? I have Wii, Wii U, psp and ps2. Systems. I found two in the psn but not sure which one to choose.
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