Ai No Kusabi CD Drama

  1. vessto
    I have read that the ANK CD Drama doesn't fit exactly the novel. That is why I start a separate discussion. Everyone who still doesn't have Dark Erogenous (subbed visualization) could download it from here:
    There are many other mp3s too (available in aarinfantasy). There exsists the translations (in .pdf format) of two of the tracks, one monologue of Riki and the final words/thoughts of Iason and Riki. You could download them from here:
    The post of Soubi. Only the links in Savefile still work.
  2. Raincat
    Dark Erogenous feels like part of anime, it covers some in anime not explored themes from novel and gives backround info what anime dont have.
    It kinda fits with novel +/- some minor details.If you wanna hear about taming Riki, pet ring, Mimeas story a.s.o.
    Maybe someone wants torrent then try this: ANK DE torrent

    But ...ANK has beside this Drama CD / or cassete tape/ one audiobook too. Its very litle known. Does anyone have it?
    ANK has many mixed music/drama cd's and soundtrack cd's.
  3. Raincat
    Ai no kusabi has not only Drama CD but many music CD's too
    Info about them and some sample for DL you can find here :

    Iasons smooth velvet....
  4. vessto
    Thank you for this site! I downloaded all available, and the Zetsuai/Bronze CDs too.
  5. akira_miE
    I've only read it but not watched it. Didn't know about the drama~ Thanks for the site! Great songs~
  6. Raincat
    Link for DL of OSTs / many / :
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