Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

  1. sunako-chi

    ..this game begins having Terra as the character that you will be controlling..
    they say that this story happened before Kingdom Hearts..
    just wondering why did the game started with different character??..not Sora..also there is Roxas..
    and from what game or anime or whatever did the characters came from??

    please help..kind of lost.. XDD

    do you know when will be the released date of the game??..
    they had released it in Japan..
  2. Mrs.MomijiSohma1
    I think it's in the Final Fantasy series, that's why. XD
    But wait: If it takes place before KH, how the heck is Roxas there?!
  3. WishBuddy
    Huh? isn't that their dad? or something....

    Well, anyways. What game is this on? I want to play it.. hehe.
  4. KH.hayate
    to tell u all, birth by sleep is a game that takes place before kingdom hearts where they are other keyblade masters. All the worlds there are and there is no roxas in d game. The main characters are terra, aqua, and ventus (which looks like roxas). U can play as d three of them. It will be released on 10th january(japanese version).
  5. VisualBubble
    Hm yes. KH.hayate is right... And as for how things were and who those people were, we will soon find out...=)
  6. kirabook
    I spoiled myself to death on this game. It has a really good story I'd say. It's 2x sadder than 358/2 days imo. A huge tragedy.
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