NaLu or Natsana?

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  1. Akies
    Okay,a million people out there love Natsu x Lisana (Natsana) and a billion people[Including me] love Natsu x Lucy..... So I really wonder which is the better Natsu couple.....
  2. saveme7
    i love Natsu and Lucy together. Lisana seems more like a sister to Natsu than a romantic intrest.
  3. namida snow
    namida snow
    Natsu x Lucy are so cute together.
  4. rezd
    Of course Natsu & lucy............
  5. AniMe_R0Cks184
    Nastu and Lucy
  6. ..Goodbye... Halcyon Days
    ..Goodbye... Halcyon Days
    Im for NatLu but i think Natsana have more potential, since theyve been very close in childhood, and if u remember, lil lisana wanted to be Natsus bride...
  7. GeeHIME
    I love Juvia and Gray!

    But Natsu and Lucy are cute too xD
  8. AnisRocks
    I think Natsu x Lucy is a good couple though I personally wish fr Lucy x Gray

  9. dorototo98
    I want Natsu + Lisanna
    Gray + Juvia
    Loki + Lucy
    Happy + Carle
    Erza + Gerard
  10. dorototo98
    I also Like to choose Natsu and Lucy is great but Loki is best for Lucy
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