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  • reborn guardian

    listen to good music :D

    Category: TV Shows
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  • O.P Misadventures

    Young Mysteryous Boy Now Grow!!!!

    Luffy is so strong against everything,so this group is for you if like One Piece,Comment And Picture Mostly 23 and Comment 19

    JOIN WITH US NOW!!!!^_^

    Category: Anime/Manga
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  • Kiss of a god.

    Based on the story Kamisama Hajimemashita.

    You are a deity (God).

    You have your own shrine and purifying power , what you need is your Famliar.

    Familiar (Someone who would serve you even it means his life) But to make that happen?

    You have to kiss that someone ..

    By that him/her would be your Familiar forever.

    PS//Make your own shrine!

    Category: Roleplay Groups
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    Guys!! ATTENTION
  • Randomm Games

    If you wanna play some funny games,join this group.

    As the title says,there is no connection between the games other than having fun .

    Enjoy and...let the games begin!

    Category: Games
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    <#*Tha Liar Game*#>
  • ◎ℋope ℋospi✝al◎

    What keeps us alive, what allows us to endure?

    What is this thing they call hope, that knows no fear?

    Hope dares to blossom, even in the abysmal abyss.

    It is Eternity's slow, steady, illuminating, and fulfilling light.

    ❣ Please Read Information Before Creating A Character

    ✰ Owner: chi1Nmyveins

    ✰ Co-owner: otenbadragon

    Category: Roleplay Groups
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    ✪ Hospital Cafeteria ✪
  • Yaoi Lovers!!!

    Do you LOVE yaoi?! WE DO!!!

    Category: Anime/Manga
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  • Dragon Ball Z Goku And Vegeta Fusion Or Normal Lovers

    If you like dragonball z,this place is for you!

    with under 89 picture and 20 comment!!

    comment of character fusion dbz or normal(just goku and vegeta),


    Category: Anime/Manga
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    DBZ Fusion
  • Smuchies >.<

    Hi there Guys!!! Anime lovers out there come and join this group >.< and share your crazy stories with us ;)

    *Note: Be Who You Are In The World Of Anime >.< Feel free to go crazy here!!!

    And by the way!!!you can post any Discussion and Pictures here If you want to ;)

    Category: Anime/Manga
    Last Activity: 12-28-2012 08:32 PM

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  • Arata Kangatari

    hey guys!

    lets share picture, information, and discuss about arata kangatari! ^^

    Category: Anime/Manga
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  • ✇ℚuarᾆntined✇

    ❧Where do you go, when your "path" suddenly comes to a dead end? Do you keep going straight, or do you wander off course? And what do you do, when you return only to find that no one has missed you? That they didn't even realize you're gone? Some trick themselves into thinking that they're hated because they're "special". But that's merely a cruel torment, a chess game played by your mind and your heart. All it is: a puzzle. Or, this is what the government covers it up as: Insanity. To keep the 'Normals' from harm, these 'Specials' were placed in a makeshift town. They were told, there was nothing outside their little town, only barren lands and vast seas full of a lost land. They were the last of their species left.

    Owner: AthenasAngel

    Co-owner: |[DoLcE]|


    Category: Roleplay Groups
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    ❧❧ Tavern ❧❧

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  • LET'S BE FRIENDS!!!!!! ^_^

    If u need friends, or more friends, COME JOIN THIS GROUP NOW!!! :D

    Just be friendly and get along with each other.

    Anyone/everyone are always welcome here, so don't be shy, and just chat with us =). So?....what r u waiting for? Click that JOIN button NOW!~

    Category: General
    Last Activity: Today 07:11 AM

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    Latest Discussion:
    CONFESSION. . . .>;D
  • �� Angels and Devils ��

    Angels and Devils, so different. Yet, only by working together do they create harmony and life.

    However, if only that was true. Angels are the light that shines for day whilst the devils are the night helping the humans rest in ease.

    BUT, these two races do have love affairs even though its against the law. Who knows what will happen...

    Category: Roleplay Groups
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    Jewel's and Blake's House
  • ✖Unknown Camp✖

    ''Greetings my friend's, I'm you camp counciler and I am welcoming you to our 'Extraordinary' camp.
    The reason you where chosen for this camp cause we sense protential in your fighting skills with your weapon skills and your ways of 'getting around'.
    Ahaha it's really just like an regular camp right?
    Your wrong.
    This camp may seem notmal to you but enetering this camp will change your life for ever.
    Mysterious things happen at this camp at night. You wanna know what happens? Then accept this letter and come join.
    Warning now, If you do join you may experience things you havent seen before, Well thats all! ''

    ~Camp counciler

    Wanna begin your camp life with a new experience? Accept the letter and come join in on this magical place!

    Genre: Mystery, Action, Drama, Romance (horror And Suddenly a Fantasy....)

    Category: Roleplay Groups
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    ♥Pandora's Estate♥
  • the hax room.

    fun, art and frank discussion.

    Category: Anime/Manga
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    off topic THE SEQUEL!!!!
  • ★^^Black As Day^^☆

    *****IN CONSTRUCTION*****

    Oh Look Its Black As Day^^
    I hang out at the Garage Spam Area^^
    The Winning Thread and the Woke Up with the Above Person Thread.
    You may have seen my name floating around elsewhere but I'm mostly at the winning and the woke up with the above person thread.

    In real life my name is Rachel. I'm just your average, plain O'l girl in her own world.

    This is my life. From good times to B.A.D
    I wish for all or some can learn something from my life to help themselves.

    I wanted to have a bigger place other than an album where I can write and store some stuff related to me^^'' : ) ^^
    So why not a group?^^: ) ^^

    Category: Members
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    This group doesn't have any discussions yet.
  • The Devil's Contract

    For whatever reason may be, you find yourself in the deep bottomless pits of hell. Yes, quite literally, in fact. Youíre sitting comfy in a big green overstuffed chair in Luciferís cozy little office space. Itís quite warm in here, perhaps he should turn on the AC? Do they even have those in hell? Would it be considered rude of you to ask? Oh, here he comes. HeísÖ.not quite what you expected at all. In fact, with all those terrible stories and descriptions youíve come to expect of the big red man himself throughout your lifetime, he defies all those with a simple toothy grin. Bewildered, you simply stare at him dumbfounded for a minute, forsaking everything youíve known about the devil up to this point. He regards you thoughtfully for a moment, placing his hand underneath his chin and tilting his head in interest. ďItís the appearance, isnít?Ē
    Co owner: Sugary Sweets

    Category: Roleplay Groups
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    Latest Discussion:
    Kazues Home:
  • Venox - Forgotten World

    In a world far beyond an apocalypse, humans are fighting humans again instead of banding together but they aren't fighting with guns or explosives. They're fighting with swords and bows, each with their own special weapons - Spectors.

    Spectors are people who have awakened a power in them caused by a traumatic event - usually a near death experience.


    Please read the Introduction thread.

    Category: Roleplay Groups
    Last Activity: Today 02:53 AM

    6 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
  • Persona X Nobara [Gakuen Alice]

    Nobara was abandoned in front of Alice Academy, and the first one to greet her was Persona. "Don't touch me," were the words of their first encounter. Ever since Nobara held out a comforting hand to him, she has been training alongside him as his student for the Dangerous Ability class. She hopes to live on and protect him in place of Izumi, and not wither away like a flower.

    All readers who support these two are welcome here.

    Any members are free to contribute to anything regarding this group.

    From the manga series: Alice Academy by Tachibana Higuchi.

    Last Activity: Today 01:11 AM

    28 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    Word Building
  • Neko Paradise!

    A new shop has opened recently in your town!
    They're selling small kittens for a very cheap price!
    You decide to buy one.
    But when you've brought it up, suddenly it's appeared as human but with Cat ears and tail!

    Category: Roleplay Groups
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    Shizu's Apartment
  • iMolly Fan Club!!

    OKAY SO MOLLLLLLLLY!!! I'm sorry I haven't been emailing you lately and I just got back on MF!!! Teehee (YOU'VE GROWN TO BE A PRO)

    YOU ALL KNOW HER SO WHY NOT JOIN THIS?! She really deserves the loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove of all her little mangafox friends!! <3

    But I'm sure you have a bunch of people wanting to join this!! I even remember you telling me you wanted one ;P So here you go baby!

    I love you so much and I'm so happy that I have the honor of being your very first friend on mangafox! You're super fun to be around and you love everyone you meet so I thought I should just return your love this way!
    Elif <3

    Category: Celebrities
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    My favorite things~ <3