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  • ıllıllı тo вe conтιnυed ıllıllı

    ~α ρℓαcε ғσя ғυη αη∂ gαмεs~


    Welcome to "To Be Continued", a veritable cornucopia of creativity and flare. Here can be found all sorts of ideas for roleplaying, games and more.

    But beware: one is easily lost in this world...

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    The Village in the Prary
  • Master x Servant

    Along time ago, the human race was wiped out of existence thanks to Demons. Demons have taken over the world and have enslaved the angels as their toys. Only few humans are alive but they are very to come by...

    Welcome to Hell angels, you are shacked up to the walls whilst the demons have a good look at you, too see if you're worthy on serving them.

    Humans, you can either be good or evil but if you choose good, you're a servant, bad, you're a master.

    Owner: The Nightmare Child

    Category: Roleplay Groups
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    .: The Asatani Manor :.
  • Zombie Survival

    No one knows how it happened, but it did. People were dying left and right, there was no explanation as to how the people started to die.

    Most of the world's population has been turned into zombie's, or there are just dead people. Only 1% of the earth's population is left.

    I have only one word for you....


    Genre: Action, Mature, Adventure, Tragedy, Supernatural

    Creator / Owner: Pei Here

    Moderator (s):
    - Kakashi Okazaki
    - -God of Death-
    - emorob

    Category: Roleplay Groups
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    The Store [Retake]
  • Lazy people =_=

    "For anyone that's lazy or think they are lazy come join! You are welcome to join even if you aren't and just want to make friends or be random because for all I know, I am too!"

    Remember, there is another page with more threads (especially the rules) that you have to read/post in!

    The original admin, mangacrazy10/crazy-chan, has left MF permanently.
    Even though she is gone, please all be as lazy, if not, more, as you were before~

    Please note there's an Events Area!
    Current Event:

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  • ..*Sinfully ℭaptivated ..☆

    Lust. Wealth. Power.

    For centuries the Nobles had ruled the country, but now their own greed will be their downfall.

    Trying to buy the true pleasure with their money, they enslaved the most beautiful boys. But they didn't realize that love can't be bought, and that lust and desire are powerful weapons.

    Now the society wants a change, and the poor have started a rebellion but, will you fight for your freedom? Or will you fight... For love?


    》》》Genres: Fantasy▐ Yaoi▐ Male harem▐

    Owners: Neko & Shadow

    Category: Roleplay Groups
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    ~ Spam ~
  • ☆ Weirdos Yet So Awesome ☆

    What is up MF noobz and olds its a new beginning for you lost cats. We are not just your average backyard kids we can turn you to the perfect nerd or even better a god Muhhah. Wait did you really think I had that power shhh I wish. But do join we are weird just to let you know but we just look so awesome being one. Let me put it simple for you we are here to make newer friends talk about the things we love but can't talk about with are RL friends because they might judge . Whhhhhaaat naw we ain't like that we welcome you with open arms. So please make memories with this group. Also beware of Venny or Masika they are most weirdest haha jk. Join join please this group is beyond awesome

    Category: General
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    Randoms thoughts
  • ✒ The Endless Library

    Welcome to the Endless Library...the place where are your hopes and dreams can become reality.

    The Endless Library is no ordinary library, it is a magical library. The library houses just about any book you can think of, each one with a brand new story to discover and enjoy, only in this library you don't just read them.

    When you open a book in the endless library, you are brought the world of the book, and are able to live your life through the world, for as long as the book stays open...

    Please read to your hearts content and have a wonderful time in this magically library, The Endless Library.

    Owner(s): Stryker Z & Shadow Stalker Of Knights Darkness
    Admin(s): None as of yet. (Ask me or Shadow if you would like to be one)

    Category: Roleplay Groups
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  • Mauris

    тнιs ιs мαυяιs. α ғαяαωαү ρℓαηεт ση тнε ε∂gε σғ тнε gαℓαxү.

    тнεяε αяε ғεω ωнσ cσмε тσ тнιs ∂ιsтαηт ℓαη∂, вυт ιт ιs α ғεятιℓε, яιcн ρℓαcε, ғσя αηүσηε cυяισυs σя ℓυcкү εησυgн тσ gσ тнεяε.

    вυт ωнү αяε үσυ нεяε?

    αяε үσυ α cυяισυs тяαvεℓεя? ωεяε үσυ вαηιsнε∂ тσ тнιs мσsт ∂ιsтαηт σғ ℓαη∂s вү үσυя яαcε? σя ∂ι∂ үσυ нεαя α мүsтεяισυs cαℓℓιηg? ωнιcнεvεя ιт ιs, яεмεмвεя...

    ησвσ∂ү ℓεαvεs мαυяιs


    Genre(s): Sci-fi, space, adventure, perhaps romance.

    Co-creators/mods: AyameSweetheart + ObviouslyAnnoyed

    Category: Roleplay Groups
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    ❤ αℓιεη sραм
  • > Unknown Island <

    Imagine you are asleep in your room, snug in bed dreaming happy dreams. A normal life in which is going to change really soon.

    Waking up the next day, you find yourself in a large room with other strangers. A voice comes over on an intercom.

    "Welcome to the Unknown Island. You have been chosen out of millions to fight for your life. Where you are right now is the basement where you will train for two weeks. Once those weeks are up, you will go through 12 levels to escape. On each level there is a boss you have to fight, each ten times harder than the last. If and when you beat the last boss do you get to go home. Choose your allies if you dare."

    There was a click to show that the announcement was over. You looked at the others and you knew that everyone had the same thought. What the hell?

    Category: Roleplay Groups
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    Inside the Stone - Bosses Only
  • A Different Story

    You'd think that ten different types of people wouldn't become friends or even lovers, but that's exactly what happened. How this came to be? They are not sure themseves. Perhaps this is what people call 'things happen for a reason' or 'God works in mysterious ways' or even calling it 'fate or destiny'.

    But here they are, ten teens who are getting ready to go to college and get jobs and make a family. The what some people call the 'worst part' or the 'best part' is that they are alone. Alone in the middle of an unknown tropical island.

    They can't contact anyone and they have to survive on their own and pray that help comes soon.

    - Owner - Pei Here

    - Genres - Tragedy, Romance, Slice of Life, Drama, Adventure, Comedy

    { ~ 9 / 10 ~ }

    Category: Roleplay Groups
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