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  • Magiks of Mages

    20 years have pasted since the final battle against the Dark lord Vinsent,the two kingdoms of Alphonse and Excalibar have joined together to form The Allied Kingdoms of Thee.But in this the kings of the Allied kingdoms have become greedy,and power hungry.Even the peaceful Kingdom of Leonatta cant escape there evil.

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  • Matched High

    This is a world where you meet your soulmate during high school. There is a Matchmaker at every school who takes all aspects of you into perspective and consults a program that then matches a perfect couple. They are usually in the same high school. The rate for not-so-perfect matches to perfect ones is 1 to 1,000,000. There are opposing views to this as well. There are people who believe we should find our own love, whether it is "perfect" or not. At this school, it's divided. Some students are more extreme at voicing their opinions than others. What's your view?

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  • Academy Olympus

    Ακαδημία Ολύμπου/Akadi̱mía Olýmpou

    Founded in the last days of the Greek Empire, this academy is the refuge for the gods on Earth.

    When the gods of Olympus anticipated the collapse of their civilization, they each found sanctuary within individual humans, who then were taken to live in the academy. They lived, dormant, in these humans, until the host died, at which time they would move to the next. Hating the transition process, they started choosing kids instead of fully grown adults.

    Now, in the twenty-first century, this academy is still where all of the godly people go. As a student at the school, you obviously have the powers of the god you embody, as well as the constant dangers and temptations. Best of luck!


    Read the Rules and Information thread before joining!

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    The Garden
  • A Wolf's Love

    We always have Love.

    Souls bound together will always find each other, and werewolves will never leave their love behind. Every wolf has a destined mate - normally another wolf - but sometimes they fall in love with someone else first.
    Sometimes they fall for their mate and meet the soon, other times they have loved and lost and waited a very long time before they meet their fated love.


    Co-Owner: LittleMissAnime12

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    Restaurant Pan
  • Saint Marie Academy

    Saint Marie Academy, a school for the Elite. Here you are either one of high standing or a personal student bodyguard. Why are there bodyguards roaming around in an area safe with the protection of the government? Who knows. Some witnesses state that there have been various attacks spotted within the area however none have been confirmed by either the claimed to be victims or the school.

    Genres: School Life, Romance, Matchmaking, Action

    More males needed O/ bodyguards are loved <3

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    Hot Spring Mountain Resort
  • Spiderman: Dimensional Rift

    The world has become unbalanced. In a dimension not our own, a man with the power of the spider has become corrupted by an unknown force. This force consumed him, made him slaughter and destroy all those who stood before him until there was nobody left, his world an empty shell of its former self. But…this was not enough. Consumed with power, the man began to lust after even more strength, so he looked to different dimensions in search of it. He found a way to transcend space and time, and began his conquest over all other dimensions. Those who were left were the ones who were also gifted the power of the spider, and they may very well be the last remaining hope for us all. I am Madame Web, a psychic with the power to gather all those who wield the power to stop this menace, from different dimensions. I ask you to help stop this mad man, as only those gifted with the power of the spider can kill others with that same power. Now so dawns a new age. The age of the spiderman.

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    City of Nor (Nieria)
  • P.O.O.P.

    People Of One Piece or P.O.O.P. for short unite!

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    Other manga chapter discussion
  • ıllıllı тo вe conтιnυed ıllıllı

    ~α ρℓαcε ғσя ғυη αη∂ gαмεs~


    Welcome to "To Be Continued", a veritable cornucopia of creativity and flare. Here can be found all sorts of ideas for roleplaying, games and more.

    But beware: one is easily lost in this world...

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    Road to Silvatica
  • Lazy people =_=

    "For anyone that's lazy or think they are lazy come join! You are welcome to join even if you aren't and just want to make friends or be random because for all I know, I am too!"

    Remember, there is another page with more threads (especially the RULES) that you have to read/post in!

    The original admin, mangacrazy10/crazy-chan, has left MF permanently.
    Even though she is gone, please all be as lazy, if not, more, as you were before~

    Please note there's an Events Area!
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    Boys vs Girls (game)
  • Ω creaтιve coмpleх

    a roleplay тнaт ιѕ noт a roleplay.


    ^ oĸay well, тнaт ιѕ an eхaggeraтιon, вυт leт мe elaвoraтe. ι've вeen ιn тнιѕ roleplay coммυnιтy ғor ѕoмe тιмe now and тнere'ѕ alwayѕ one тнιng тнaт geтѕ мe: aѕιde ғroм ѕoмe very lυcĸy groυpѕ, мoѕт oғ тнe тιмe, an rp wιll dιe qυιтe qυιcĸly. мaιnly, aғтer тнe cнaracтer нave вeen creaтed. and тнen all тнaт eғғorт goeѕ тo waѕтe!

    ѕo нere ιѕ a groυp ѕolely ғor тнe pυrpoѕe oғ тнaт: creaтιng roleplay cнaracтerѕ! тнere нave вeen groυpѕ lιĸe тнιѕ ιn тнe paѕт, вυт тнoѕe were мoѕтly an ego тrιp ғor тнe мod. noт тнιѕ тιмe! тнιѕ groυp ιѕ a creaтιve ѕpнere ғor all, wнere we can ѕнare oυr ιdeaѕ and grow aѕ creaтιve roleplayerѕ.

    coмe one, coмe all! and leт тнe creaтιvιтy вegιn~.


    Mod: Mama Gen
    Co-mod: InTheOtherWorld.

    Please invite your friends and/or other creative roleplayers. ^c^

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    Ω вanтer