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  • Hakuou Academy

    Ever read Combat Butler or Maid-Sama? Or maybe the name KUROSHITSUJI rings a bell? If not, then you have REALLY been missing out on a lot. And for those of you who have read them, then you must know what I mean when I say that I just WISH that I had my very own butler or maid

    A prestigious academy for the rich and the wealthy. Here at this school, we take great pride in the dedication we have put forward in providing the best learning experience possible for all the ojou-samas and young masters gathered here today. We strive to shape each and every student into the proper role model for the people of our country. From flawless green scenery to our very own Butler x Maid Program: everything is perfect to befit the status of our children. We can say with confidence that our students -your children- will most definitely enjoy their stay here at Hakuou Academy

    Owner: Purple-chan

    Co owner: da-nyan

    Current Season: Winter

    Time: Noon

    Weather: Snowy

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    The 'S' Library

    ive been writting this story of my own and i hope everyonre could help me a bit :]

    okay/ this is how the story starts, there was an exclusive school just for rich peoples called MiNORi HiGH . where a playboy rich guy rules in the girls hearts named HATORi TAkADA he flirts with different girls everyday but there was this girl who don't acknowldege him even look and talk to him SUZUNE MikU . he got tired from being ignored,so he made up his DEViLiSH PLANS for that one of a kind girl . see what your imaginations up to :] STiLL in the end HATORi would defienetly be inlove with SUZUNE ..

    Category: Anime/Manga
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    Characters here !!
  • <3 Tales of Symphonia <3

    Join if you love Tales of Symphonia

    Whether it's your favorite game, or one you've enjoyed~

    Just do it :3

    Category: Games
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  • ❝ ᴛʜᴇ ᴛʜɪɴɢs ᴡᴇ ᴅᴏɴ'ᴛ sᴀʏ ❞

    "Unspoken words, your secrets I shall keep"

    You sit across from a friend, a lover, holding their hand comfortingly while looking them in the eye, the words on your lips wanting to slip out, but the fear of what might follow after keep you quiet.

    The words you can't speak, the memories of the horrible things you've experienced and done, the dreams that keeps haunting you, if words spoken, would they still look at you the same?

    You're a Soldier back from war. A body returned almost intact, a mind returned broken. What awaits you beyond the arms that greet you 'welcome back' is still unknown.

    ▂Genres: Drama. Slice of life. Romance. Tragedy. Casual.

    ✿ Owner: « ₦otorious sin »

    ✿ Co-Owner: ✰ѕєяєηιту✰

    - This is the stories of soldiers returned from war, their families welcoming them back, and the lifes that awaits them after the reunion.

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    → Spam me~
  • picturama!!!

    this is for all of those pictures that you just love, but they are just to big to put in your album. i know i have a lot of those. just make you own thread with the title as you username or something so we know it is yours, then post pics! people will comment or maybe even ask where the pics are from if it is an anime pic. have fun!

    Category: General
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    airi-chan's photos!!!

    someon who wants to be a legend animator n mangaka

    Category: Anime/Manga
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  • Only You [RP]

    As you walk towards your new high school, you notice that the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, painting the streets pink with their fallen petals. A soft breeze rolls through the trees that line the road, making flower petals dance in the sky.

    This is a somewhat normal RP; spend time with your friends, go to school, and maybe, just maybe, find love.

    EDIT: We have nekos, people jumping from rooftops, and smexy janitors.

    NOTE: We do not differentiate upon otakus or members of the LGBTQ community. Just need someone to talk to? We'll listen and accept you!

    Co-owner: Candycrystal5

    Category: Roleplay Groups
    Last Activity: 06-06-2014 06:53 PM

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  • The Super Smash Bros. Dojo!

    To people dedicated (or just fond of) Super Smash Bros., gather here!! Talk, taunt, chill, whatever.

    Category: Games
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    Share a vid.
  • justin beiber haters

    No Description

    Category: Celebrities
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  • romance: shouJo manga

    feel free post and comment. about the latest chapter or your favorite romance shoujo manga :D

    ~~>>Shōjo manga covers many subjects in a variety of narrative and graphic styles, from historical drama to science fiction — often with a strong focus on human and romantic relationships and emotions

    Category: Anime/Manga
    Last Activity: 10-23-2013 05:53 AM

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    Shojo manga

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  • HTF High School RP

    HTF stands for Happy Tree Friends.

    Welcome to Happy Tree Friends High School! RP as your favorite tree friend or play as your own character!

    GENRE: Horror, Romance, Tragedy and Supernatural.

    Category: Roleplay Groups
    Last Activity: Today 09:04 AM

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    Character Sheet:
  • Yōkai Academy

    Welcome to Yōkai academy, this academy is filled with supernatural beings such as Vampires and Werewolves.

    The Vampires and Werewolves live together in this place and so do a few humans, but its very hard for vampires to control their urges around humans, especially if there is blood around.

    The werewolves protect the humans and stop the vampires from being close to them. This is why the werewolves and vampires live together even though they are sworn enemies...

    GENRE: Romance, Fantasy, Horror, Supernatural.

    Category: Roleplay Groups
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    Yōkai Gym:
  • the hax room.

    fun, art and frank discussion.

    Category: Anime/Manga
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    off topic THE SEQUEL!!!!
  • ¥•~The 18 and overs•~¥

    This is a community for 18+ MF members to find other members just around their age and befriend them. Please do not join if you are not 18 or over; no bad intentions, it's simply to keep it in order because this is a hangout place exclusively made for older members :3

    This group is a moderated group which will need you to EXPOSE YOUR AGE due to acceptance requirement.
    Thus, I humbly reques to MAKE YOUR DATE OF BIRTH (INCLUDING THE YEAR) or AGE APPEAR ON YOUR PROFILE. Otherwise your pending request will be deleted!!
    Thank you for your consideration.

    Love - Sugar ♥


    Rage - the 28 winner of our counting game

    Looking for Cosplay at great prices made by one of our very own group Members? Then look no further. Pop her an email and she will be happy to help.

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  • Till death do our part.

    Have you ever trusted someone with your life? Probably no because you haven't been in that situation. But what if you woke up and everything changed? You have to fight to survive but you can't do it alone.

    Category: Roleplay Groups
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    Room for the Packs (Wolves)
  • Indians in MangaFox!

    This is group for Indian's in Mangafox! since there aren't many Indians so this is place for Indians to met other Indians :)

    Talk about all the Indian stuff :D You can talk of Bollywood, Movie stars or places or recipes or anything Indian

    If you are interested in Indian culture or anything Indian then you can join too :)

    [ Group Moderated by .Ama. ]

    Category: Countries
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  • Nana - seventh heaven

    for all NANA fans :) or haters (we will win you over!! *evil laugh*)

    Category: Anime/Manga
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    Any news about Ai Yazawa?
  • LET'S BE FRIENDS!!!!!! ^_^

    If u need friends, or more friends, COME JOIN THIS GROUP NOW!!! :D

    Just be friendly and get along with each other.

    Anyone/everyone are always welcome here, so don't be shy, and just chat with us =). So?....what r u waiting for? Click that JOIN button NOW!~

    Category: General
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    Manga recommendations
  • Paradise Kiss

    For those who love this wonderful manga by Ai Yazawa

    Category: Anime/Manga
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  • ıllıllı тo вe conтιnυed ıllıllı

    ~α ρℓαcε ғσя ғυη αη∂ gαмεs~


    Welcome to "To Be Continued", a veritable cornucopia of creativity and flare. Here can be found all sorts of ideas for roleplaying, games and more.

    But beware: one is easily lost in this world...

    Category: Roleplay Groups
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    Notsofancy Adulthood